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Takayas' "Beyond" Philosophy


"Beyond" is not out of reach, it is the near-future that is already present for innovators and early adopters. 

"Beyond" is the next stage in the evolution of design, inspired by advancements in technology that allow for the creation of structural forms that previously seemed impossible.

This "Beyond" philosophy can be seen expressed in many industries, including architecture, automobiles, and even avant garde fashion design, utilizing futuristic materials and technologies that could hardly be imagined just a few decades ago. 

However, this visionary philosophy has not yet been applied to fine jewelry in any noticeable way. Even though CAD design and 3-D printing technologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities, most jewelry designers stick with more traditional manufacturing methods or simply use the new technologies to replicate more traditional styles.    

In the fine jewelry world, it's safe to stick with tradition, innovation is generally seen as "risky" due to the high cost of luxury materials. However, innovators and early adopters have no problem paying premium prices for cutting-edge design, just ask Tesla or Apple.

Apple is a fantastic example of the "Beyond" philosophy: the iPhone is a sleek piece of technology that seemed out of reach just over a decade ago, the mainstream market wasn't quite ready for its 2007 launch but, innovators and early adopters jumped on the futuristic touchscreen "phone". Now, iPhone is synonymous with "smartphone" and the mainstream market thinks they can't live without it! 

This is because Millennials, a generation with an estimated annual buying power of $200 billion, are more in line with this "Beyond" philosophy than previous generations, having grown up in an era of rapidly advancing technology. Millennials are not frightened by innovation, they expect it and embrace it. (GenX-ers also appreciate innovation but are slightly slower to adopt new technologies compared to their Millennial counterparts.)

Since Takayas is not only a jewelry designer but a craftsman as well, he is personally excited by new technology and how it can be applied to his designs. These new technologies present him with the freedom to create forms that were previously impossible. 

Evolution is natural, and it is human nature to improve ourselves and our surroundings with advancing technology. This is why so many different industries seem to share this same innovative philosophy; it is natural to be moving in the direction of "Beyond".  This is why "Beyond" is not a giant leap but the next logical step in the evolution of design.

Takayas' imagination is constantly sparked by technological advancements in many industries, and he looks forward to continuing to create innovative jewelry pieces that reflect this collective consciousness movement toward the future. He is ready to give the affluent Millennial market what they are craving: innovative fine jewelry that goes beyond what is expected from traditional jewelry design.