Rose Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring With Natural Pink Diamonds


cushion cut diamond ring with natural pink diamond halo by Takayas Custom Jewelry This past year we've really enjoyed all of the rose gold design requests we've received.  This 14K rose gold and cushion cut diamond engagement ring features a halo of 12 natural pink diamonds.

When Robert was ready to propose, he had a very specific engagement ring in mind for his girlfriend Shannon. He requested a classic ring style crafted out of rose gold ring with pink diamond accents. The diamonds would need to be natural and not treated or color enhanced.

Rose gold and natural pink diamond ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry

The beauty of natural pink diamonds is the subtly of their color. Typically, they are a warm blush rather than the saturated pink of color enhanced diamonds.

Rose gold was a great metal choice because by setting the diamonds against a warmer metal, it helped to bring out the stones' delicate pink hue.

Takayas Custom Jewelry cushion cut diamond ring with natural pink diamond accents

They are both now happily engaged! We couldn't be more pleased when after he proposed, Robert reported back to us that Shannon absolutely loved the ring.