Majora's Mask Clock Tower Wedding Set


majoras-mask-zelda-edwardian-engagement-ring-takayas We love stories like Megan and Jonathan's wedding set because it's heartwarming to think that growing up they both played the Legend of Zelda series, then years later they would meet each other, fall in love, and design their wedding rings around their favorite childhood game: Majora's Mask.

The game's unique relationship with time was one of their favorite aspects, and they wanted to find a way to capture the passage of time in their rings. For inspiration, they supplied pictures of the Clock Tower that appears in Clock Town and most significantly, when Link travels through time.

Zelda Clock Tower Clock Town link-time-travel

Megan was very drawn to Edwardian and Art Deco style rings with lots of ornamental, filigree designs and see-through, antique silhouettes.

To keep the Zelda references subtle and elegant, Takayas wanted to do a modern Edwardian design interpretation with the pattern from the Clock Face incorporated in a filigree look.

Depending on the time of the day, the Clock Tower in the game would show either a sun or a moon on its face, so to symbolize this, one side of her ring features the clock's moon, and the other side is the clock's sun.

Setting her mother's diamond in the ring

Megan also loved Kafei and Anju's lover's subplot in Majora's Mask, and she provided images of their respective Sun and Moon Masks for design inspiration. Their masks also fit in well with the symbolism of the sun and moon cycle of the Clock Tower.

Anju-Kafei  sun-moon-mask-anju-kafei

Because the design on the masks was very small in the game (not to mention blocky as it was originally released on the Nintendo 64), Takayas predominately used the pattern from each of the masks' forehead sections to represent them. He used a different mask in the front and back of the setting for each character.


The front of her ring features Anju's Moon Mask and the back of her ring features Kafei's Sun Mask. The accent diamonds that represent the eyes on each mask also form part of the extended clock hands from the sides of the shank.

Cleaning up the rough casting

Jonathan's ring is also based on the Clock Tower pattern, but to bring the time travel theme full circle, Takayas united the sun and moon symbols into one centerpiece.  His ring also has the same clock face silhouette as the sides of Megan's ring but significantly widened.


Just like with Megan's ring, the two clock arm points extend and wrap around the band.
Jonathan had originally provided pictures of the Stone Tower Temple for design inspiration for his ring, so Takayas wanted to find a way to represent the temple's entrance without drawing away from the main clock tower and time travel theme.
In Jonathan's ring's under gallery, Takayas referenced the Stone Tower Temple by creating a mirror image reflection of the repeating, striped pattern from the entrance's mouth.
We had so much fun re-creating the childhood magic of Majora's Mask in their wedding rings. Thank you for letting us be a part of your story!