League of Legends Heartseeker Ashe and Sapphire Poro Ring


heartseeker-ashe-poro-sapphire-ring-takayas This week, we're very excited to share this League of Legends inspired custom commission.

The platinum ring's primary design was based on Heartseeker Ashe, but per our customer's request, we also subtly worked Poro horns into the sapphire's setting.




The shank is built from the Heartseeker character skin's bow and arrow.

For the setting, Takayas formed the prongs holding the sapphire using the Poro horns. He didn't want to interpret the horn shape too literally because it would have looked very blocky and heavy, so he rounded out the horns to match the organic rounded heart shapes in the band.


Using the engraver tool to define the tiny bow and arrow details


Setting the sapphire itself was a very delicate process because if Takayas had hammered the prongs too hard, the horns would have been flattened out and lost their shape. Thankfully, the setting went smoothly without a hitch!

league-of-legends-heartseeker-ashe-ring-takayas heartseeker-ashe-sapphire-poro-ring-angle-takayas hearseeker-ashe-sapphire-poro-ring-side-takayas

We had so much fun with this project, and we hope you like the design as well!