The Trifecta: Sailor Moon ・Kingdom Hearts・Final Fantasy Inspired Engagement Ring

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The best part about custom jewelry is that the sky truly is the limit. You don't have to imagine yourself on a desert island and pick one favorite anime or video game in order to have your piece resemble your favorites in your design. This was helpful for Steve when he came to us for Casey's engagement ring, due to the fact that she loves three in particular: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, AND Sailor Moon!

All three have a repertoire of many rich, iconic elements within their stories, which made it difficult for Takayas to select the theme that would be best suited to be the star of the show, which is for most engagement rings, the center piece design that holds the center stone. Each one of Casey's interests had strong potential to be the highlight, but in the end, he went with a Paopu fruit setting design, because as all of you Kingdom Hearts fans out there know, it's very symbolic of a bond between two people in love. Casey's birthstone is a sapphire, so instead of going the traditional, center diamond engagement ring route, Steve opted to have a blue oval sapphire.

The next challenge was to tie in each theme request without going overkill on the design because that would make Casey's ring look too busy and unbalanced aesthetically. Takayas needed to create a ring that didn't conflicted in design too much between the three influences, but still connect nicely somehow. Final Fantasy X is Casey's favorite Final Fantasy game, so in order to dreate a design that can portray some correlation, Takayas sprinkled flowers all over, which represent the flowers that are printed on Yuna's skirt.  For you Final Fantasy fiends out there, you will appreciate the diamonds that are paved alongside of the flowers, which embody the essence of a particular scene starring Yuna and Tidus. ;)


Lulu is Casey's favorite character, so the shank of her ring was designed to mimic the shape of her kanzashii hairpiece.


Casey's love for Sailor Moon is represented by two crescent moon "shoulders" that encircle the Paopu fruit setting. Takayas lined each crescent moon with diamonds, creating a circle of "stars" that can draw your attention to the center sapphire.

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The world of inspiring games and anime is as vast as the world we live in, but there's no limit when it comes to your imagination.

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